Check Recovery and Verification

  • Free service to you
  • The check writer pays all service fees and bank fees; your company recovers 100% of the face value of the check.
  • RCB will strategically redeposit checks twice to try to obtain your money at no additional charge
  • Checks come directly from your bank to RCB and you are instantly notified of the NSF check.
  • If checks are not collected through the redeposit process they are immediately turned over to our collectors and legal department.
  • Our staff handles your check writer in a firm but fair manner.
  • RCB will obtain judgments from the courts to help recover your money.
  • Our Check Recovery Service frees up your personnel, leaving the collecting to the professionals at RCB.

National Check Network (NCN) provides a database that consists of a nationwide network of companies that specialize in check verification and check collection. Over 120,000 merchant locations and more than 260 collection agencies, ACH processors, and financial institutions rely on the National Check Network database to reduce their return check costs, increase their collection rates and protect their merchants from fraud. As a subsidiary of Electronic Clearing House, Inc. (ECHO), NCN combines the data from its association of Members to provide the power of an incredibly effective positive and negative database nationwide.

RCB is a member of National Check Network (NCN), a nationwide check verification system. Some of NCN’s features include the following:

  • National verification with local recovery.
  • A national database that is always current, as it is updated daily.
  • Customized verification by store location.
  • Velocity by number and dollar amounts.
  • The ability to cross-reference velocity between stores, merchants, specific areas, etc.
  • Flexible velocity limits for each location even each lane within a store.
  • The ability to lease or buy equipment.
  • Support for all standard verification and reader equipment.
  • Fully redundant equipment setup.
  • Maintenance and support of the system.
  • Customized reports.
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